About Joseph Mulcahy


It all started with a minor car accident and some unexpected extra money. With that extra money I was finally able to purchase my first DSLR, take photography lessons and start down a path that would forever change my life. That was when photography entered my bloodstream and began feeding my soul.

In 2013 I shot my first modeling shoot with a good friend and a photography mentor. I look back at those images today and I smile. I know I’ve grown so much from those early days to today. I’ve worked hard to create a style that is my own, a dark, emotional, sexy, and empowering style. My use of black and white to show beauty, emotion and feeling is one of my favorite mediums.

Why choose me? Well why not? If your looking for something just a little bit different from the other modeling photographers then I just might be your photographer. From one on one portfolio building shoots to more elaborate product shoots, I can meet and exceed your needs. So again I ask you, why not?

Through my journey in photography I have become extremely passionate about concert photography and not only photographing Shibari but also in it’s practice.

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